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We (Russ & Janelle) started The GOOD BOOK Company LLC in 2007 and we have several divisions including GloryScapes™, R1 Web Design, Russ Hansen Marketing, The Prayer at Valley Forge, and we are proud to present, PhotoArt365 to you.

I (Russ) have been interested in photography ever since high school. I served as the campus photographer at Northwest Nazarene College (now University) in Nampa, Idaho, and worked in a B&W photo darkroom there taking many of the promo photos for the school.

Then from 1979 to 1986 I worked at Nazarene Communications in Kansas City, Missouri, where one of my duties was not only as a photographer, but to evaluate photographs taken by other photographers on staff.  The other photographers gave me the nickname, “Oc Eye,” pronounced similar to “Hawk Eye,” because I would evaluate their 35mm transparencies (color slides) back from the lab using a light table and an 8x Ocular (special magnifying glass).

So, I’ve had a lifetime of evaluating my own photography as well as that of other photographers.

On this website, I hope you’ll agree, we’ve picked some beautiful photos from our collection as well as photographer comrades for your home/office decor that when printed as ChromaLuxe® Metal Prints at our lab, are absolutely stunning when lit properly.

We recently had a booth at a local event where we featured about 10 of our Metal Prints and the one word we heard all day long was, “Wow!” Another comment someone made was, “It’s like bringing the outdoors inside.”

If you have a specific subject matter you are wanting a print of, let us know, as we have access to many photographer’s work and more than likely we’ll be able to present some options to you to consider.


Russ & Janelle Hansen

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All metal prints are made with pride in the U.S.A.

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